Finderbridge is an One-Stop Destination Management portal that aims to promote Northeast Tourism digitally  and serve the thrill of travelers and adventurers around the world.

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About Us

About Finderbridge

Finderbridge is the destination management organization of Northeast India which has a wider vision towards the development of the entire eight states of Northeast giving an exposure for the rest of India. The social motive of the initiative is that, since it’s the ignorant part of India which have a lot of potential in every aspects, also to the rest of the world, we aim to clarify the misconception to the people how they think about Northeast and its people. We aim to promote the cultures, tribes, ethnic commodity, destinations, and mainly to explore the unexplored places in Northeast. We have a motive to expose the highest tourism potential of Northeast and to make it a international travel destination for the global audience. Along the journey we showcase the wide array of the rich cultural heritage, the vibrant tradition, the skillfully crafted commodities by the local artisans, and take you along with us in our unending journey of discovering the unexplored paradise of the eight remarkably beautiful states. Our prime motive is to highlight the huge potential of Northeast with its ability to become an International travel destination for the global audience.
In addition, we are also introducing a new side of Finderbridge as an Internet Marketing platform. While you discover the ‘where and when to visit’ schedules of Northeast India you will also come across the latest information on what’s trending on social media in the eight states, the most happening events around the cities and so on. With Finderbridge, you are stepping into the largest information portal of Northeast India. Not just that but it is also the easy-going one stop destination where you can avail numerous additional features like Digital Marketing & PR Services, booking a photographer according to the type of event , booking a guest house or a vehicle and what not .

Our Vision

It all started with a realisation of how people of India are clueless and unacquainted about an important part of their own country, which soon turned into an initiative in the form of Finderbridge. The journey started with a group of friends who got together for a reunion in their hometown during their vacations and discussed the issues relating to the rising ignorance towards the eight states and the tourism potential Northeast India actually holds. Finderbridge is the platform through which we shall take into the account to bind together the real idea of tourism while imparting and inculcating the values the region holds. Along the voyage we met several other people who believed in our vision and the team got stronger by the day. Nevertheless, we also tried to figure out the loopholes which held back the eight North-eastern states from attaining its full bloom in the tourism sector. There were conversations where we striked off with numerous travellers who visited North East and also those who wanted to visit North East revealed how the lack of proper information about these eight North-eastern states worked as a major hindrance, and that is how it started off. Over the months, we collected data as much as we could and over the time we will put in more information not only about the places and tourist destinations but also the vivid rich culture of the people residing here, the current trends and the evolving urban lifestyle.
You would be a major part of our journey as we take you off the path – discovering Northeast in a complete new light, free from all biased prejudices and pre-conceived notions.

Our Mission

With Finderbridge, we want to portray the beauty of North East in a new light, erasing the age old prejudices  against the beautiful land of unexplored paradise to a large extent. It is a step ahead from your regular trip to a destination. It’s an experience all together – as you get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage , mouth watering cuisines and mingle with the developing taste of the youth in music and fashion ,  taking you off into an adventure trip or an exclusive photoshoot across any of the states so that you may take along with you the framed memories of the unforgettable moments that you might have made during your trip or vacations whether you are a solo traveller or in a long awaited trip with your dear ones.

 At the same time Finderbridge is that one platform which will keep record of the most happening events around every nook and corner of the eight states for you. Being a buzzing hub of great content, we also provide numerous other services and encourage the rising startups and the passionate youths who want to put Northeast in the forefront and redirect the spotlight towards the region.

Northeast is a land of treasured opportunities and one day with the support of the people from our own land, we look forward to a new dawn with Northeast as the most happening travel destination not just in our own country but across the globe without hindering the vivid culture and traditions of the eight North-eastern states.

Why Us?

Through Finderbridge, we have a lot more to offer you than any other traditional tour packages. Not only do we give you the easiest reach to the most budget friendly packages across the eight states but also through the wide information portal on our site, we give you a detailed insight of North East India so that you can plan your trip accurately and in the best way possible.
Our site is also a hub to the ‘talented youths’ ranging from photographers, bloggers, influencers and so on across the Northeastern states who can give you the first hand information about all that’s trending on social media across the eight states all in one common platform.