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“Writing, to me, is like kayaking a river. You are paddling down, and you come to a walled-off canyon, and you make a sharp turn, and you don’t know what’s around the corner. It could be a waterfall, it could be a big pool. The narrative current carries you. You’re surprised, and you’re thrilled, and sometimes you’re terrified” – Peter Heller, Renowned Surfer & Author

Kayaking means new challenges, new friends, new places and new vocabulary. Kayaking means being free from the stresses of life and having the chance to do amazing things and meet amazing people. It’s about gaining a second family and always knowing that no matter what river you’re on someone will always have your back. Kayaking is a metaphor for life. People often say this, after returning from a kayaking expedition. For some people Kayaking is life!

Kayaking In North East India is the best ways to enjoy its superb natural environment. Paddling with specialist guides and equipment, you’ll find rivers of differing complexity to choose from, with breathtaking surroundings reflected in their crystal-clear waters.

Alone or in pairs, this sport is popular in Meghalaya, where you can kayak in rivers, which comes straight from an exotic waterfall with multiple routes of varying intensities among some breathtaking landscapes.

Test out your skills and balance first on the calm Umium lake in the Meghalaya. If you’ve some experience under your belt, you might tackle the rushing Teesta River and enjoy the wooded landscapes consisting of dense forest, which take your breath away. If you truly dream of rafting or kayaking in the lovely white waters anywhere in the world, then Teesta will be the perfect spot for you.

If you’re confident in your kayak and skilled in the water, then head for the Rangit in Sikkim which will offer equal pleasure like Testa, or the Lohit River near Kibithu(India-China Border); tricky, adrenaline-filled routes with challenging rapids in the Himalayan ranges.

The Tsang Po river, known as the Heaven of Kayaking which falls in Tibet after flowing gently eastwards through Tibet, cuts the Greater Himalaya and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, Namche Barwa before it enters Arunachal Pradesh,Here is the place where the world’s greatest kayaking expedition begins close to the line of control which separates India and China. An exciting, true expedition style journey down one of the world’s greatest rivers begins in Siyang.a.k.a upper Brahmaputra.

Come, Visit the world most untouched paradise, a heaven on earth, fill your adventure dream here in the some of the world’s Greatest rivers. Where adventure meets with serenity.Welcome To India’s North East.