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“To Fly, You Don’t Need Wings, You Just Need A Spirit, Courage And A Paraglider” – Mariyum Iftikar

Experience the feeling of floating on the air and the adrenaline of a quick drop over the lush greens, snow peaks, Valley of flowers and orchids or over eye-catching pine trees. Open your arms, sprint and jump into the adventure of paragliding in North East India, Where your every move will increase a different excitement. The wild Northeastern geography, full of hills and high mountains is the perfect setting for skydiving and all sorts of aerial sports.

Famed as the best paragliding spot in India, Sikkim will amaze you with the scenic view of the Himalayas and the tiny villages from the top, which are simply breathtaking. Soar high up in the sky and feel the aromatic energy in the air parasailing.

Head towards Luing Resithang, which lies close to Gangtok’s Khel Gaon in the eastern part of Sikkim. Fly like a bird in high above to experience Sikkim’s rich in flora and a lush river that flows along the lovely meadows.

Need more adventure for a thrilling Paragliding experience, be a part of the Annual Paragliding Festival during the months of October and November held every year and be part of the paragliding tribe!

Test your guts through Hang Gliding, which is another adventure delight in Sikkim,
as you float looking down at solid covers of the forest, towering mountains serve as an opportunity to come closer to nature.

Be part of the paragliding adventure event held in the magnetic Mechuka valley every year in the months of November, Organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Arunachal Pradesh.

In the Himalayan ranges of the 6000 ft, unwind by listening to the waterfalls, looking out towards the imposing by pine trees and thornbushes and exploring the wide array of adventure sports at Mechuka Valley which literally means “medicinal water of snow”. Visit the surrounding area comprises of waterfalls, Snow Hills, Mighty Siang and friendly wild horses and take the opportunity to rest at one of its campsites. Capture from the bird’s eye the cascading waterfalls, rivers where you can see crystal clear waters flows in stony river beds, a dream moment paragliding pilot

How to experience a 9.15 Km long, India’s Longest Bridge, named after the Bard of Brahmaputra, Late Bhupen Hazarika, The Dhola Sadiya Bridge. Parasailing over the Dhola Sadiya bridge. Witness this man-made concrete marvel of India. The aerial view from the up above the bridge is incredible!

Come, Be a Bird to witness the world Most Unexplored paradise because we all know what would be the view from the up above to see North East India.