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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035


Borasaul (White Sticky Rice), a glutinous rice combined with Milk/Curd with a hint of Sugar/Jaggery/Honey is a perfect breakfast meal for the Assamese people. It has served the stomach of our ancestors since ages and still now we are quite fond of its taste. This rice is basically cultivated in Assam.


The KUMOL saul can eaten both ways – with sweetness quotient or saltiness quotient. Depends on the craving one has. If with sweetness it can be eaten with Milk/Curd and sugar/Jaggery.  And the other way it can be eaten is with Aloo Pitika and Bhaji. The kumol saul needs to be soaked in hotwater unto it softens and then only it is suitable for consumption.


Dhekia Xaak mostly grows in moist areas which is cooked as a side dish to be eaten with Rice and Dal. Can be cooked just simply, or with potatoes, or with any choice of meat or fish.
Though found in many parts of the world, in Indian subcontinent it is mostly seen in the Himalayan states of the North and Northeast India.
It contains various vitamins and minerals, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – quite nutritious for the body. They are a source of antioxidants and dietary fibres.
I’m having this for my lunch.


The tender jute leaves are eaten boiled or fried and is also used in preparing chicken/pork/fish. It tastes bitter and known to be very helpful for the digestive system.


It is an exotic liquid obtained from sun-dried banana skin. There are many recipes in which khar is added to enhance the taste. The most famous is Papaya Khar.


It is also known as the Night jasmine. Its is collected during the winter season and the dried up in the sun until it is brown and dry. Then the dried flower is cooked with the head of the fish with a hint of Khar. Bitter is taste but with essential elements for the protection of the body towards illness.


The Puthi mass is marinated and then wrapped up with a banana leaf and the tightly wrapped. It is then heated upon a pan. Its can be eaten directly or can be mashed. One of the favourite recipes of the Assamese people who like to eat fish but in a more healthier way.


Bahor gaaj is one can be used in food items in different ways. One way is to cook pork with the fermented bamboo shoot. The smell emanated and the taste all totally gets the people eating it.


Sunga is an equipment made from bamboo stems, which has a big hollow and open in one end. The pork and the required tasting ingredients are let inside the Sunga and then the opening is closed with a lead of straws and then exposed to fire. The pork gets cook in the heat and everything gets mixed up. Its is one of the ways in which pork is cooked other than the ones cooked on the stove or the khorikaa.


The fish with sour gravy always tastes good. Be it with Tomato, Ou Tenga,  or Thekera. Fish being available in every part of Assam, the Mass or Tenga is widely eaten by the Assamese people with their own ways and experimentations.

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