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The entire north east has been blessed by nature- rare and unique orchid species are present here in abundance after being wiped out from the entire world, which speaks about North East’s importance. Assam here is one of the sister states and an important contributor to this rare collection of beautiful orchids. Take a look at some of the unique orchids present here in this state.
Kopou phool: Also goes by the name Foxtail Orchid or Devil’s Orchid as termed by the locals. It is an exotic blooming orchid belonging to the Vanda alliance of flower species. It is a widely useful flower in the north eastern states as it is worn by women as an accessory. It is the state flower of Assam.The inflorescence of these pink flowers with red spots are adorned by the ladies during ‘Rangali Bihu’ as an ornamentation on their head. It is regarded as a symbol of love and affection but extensive bio piracy has almost brought it to the brink of extinction. Found near the biodiversity hotspot which is lakhimpur district.


Aerides odoratum: Known as “draupadi pushpa” across India, this fragrant flower is of religious importance. This sun loving orchid is found in altitudes as high as 2000 meters to as low as 200 metres. It is a commonly found orchid and is especially found around the lakhimpur region of Assam. Its flowers are pinkish white or pale pink and flowers during the months of June-July


Seguin’s lobelia: Seguins Lobelia is an erect leafy perennial flower with a purple to mauve tinge. Found in higher altitudes of Assam- the Himalayan ranges. It flowers during the months of August upto October.


Spider orchid: This orchid bears an uncanny resemblance to Spiders. It was supposed to be native to mainland Malaysia, Sumatra and Java but has been since discovered in the Lakhimpur district of Assam.


Pineapple orchid: This is a one of a kind orchid which is easily identified by the densely packed clusters of flowers hanging down, looking like pineapples. Its flowers are tallow which becomes a funnel shaped structure as it extends downwards. The pineapple orchid is native to North East India and Burma. It flowers during the months of April-May and is found along the West Bengal- Assam border.


Small spotted bulbophyllum: This miniature but pretty orchid grows on trees with red spots on its yellow flowers. Found in elevataions of 2600 metres, near Panchnadi, Assam.


Cymbidium pendulum: Seen almost throughout the plains of Assam, this gorgeous reddish brown floret species flowers during the preferable months of June-August. It is one of the few unique orchids found only in Assam and not the other neighboring sister states.


Gastrochilus desypogon: Beautiful in a bunch! – the perfect way to describe these beautiful yellow orchids! Emiting a fragarant smell, these are a common sight in the rainforests of Lakhimpur District .


Eria bractescens: The greenery of the lowland forests of Assam is totally complemented by the serene white flowers of this orchid. Found in stalks with upto 20 flowers in a single stalk makes it even more attractive.


Dendrobium assamicum: Endemic to only the Nowgong district of Assam, the name of the flower itself suggests its identity. It is almost endangered now and hence very little information exists regarding this reddish orchid. You can set out for a little expedition to this find this marvel along the NH 37 Assam Trunk Road highway.

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