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Brahmaputra Cruises

Do you dream of a truly unique journey, enjoying spectacular scenery in comfort fit for a king? Then join a cruise ship to see some of Assam’s finest scenic attractions and revel in the singular delights of Mighty Brahmaputra’s wide coastline. Make a candlelight dinner plan in a cruise surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra enjoying its cool breeze or spent an evening in a sunset time by capturing the world smallest inhabitant river island Umananda while witnessing live performances of the local folk dances and Music shows on board. What can be more great feeling than this!

Travel in style on one of the cruise ships that sail in Brahmaputra waters and discover some of its fascinating places like World Biggest River Island, Majuli.

Relax and have fun as you sail through the Assam’s river line, enjoying the dramatic views of valleys and stunning remote landscapes. Or venture deeper on an expedition cruise to the 7-night tours beginning from the Guwahati to Majuli , then to the Dibrugarh covering the mighty Brahmaputra river. Gasp in the fresh air as you finally come face-to-face with the famous land of Red River and Blue Hills.

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