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Camp at Hornbill Festival

Coined the term as “Festivals of Festivals”

Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival is an intangible heritage asset carried from 12 years since its inception, it encompasses through collective celebration the color and vibrant elements of all the tribal festivities and give a glimpse of Naga life to titillate cultural sensibilities. What has emerged from a local heritage event is, a metaphor for a national and international festival has now become a must visit and notable attraction in the travel itinerary of both domestic and international travelers. Nagaland is a cultural mosaic of diverse multi-ethnicity sprung up by the several tribes that inhabit the State. Each community celebrates its myriad festivals revolving around the agrarian calendar that makes Nagaland by default, a land of festivals

In 2014, It was a gracious moment when  Honourable Prime Minister of Republic of India, Shri Narendra Modi(First PM’s Visit) visited Hornbill festival.In his remarks at the inauguration of the Hornbill Festival in Kohima, the Prime Minister praised the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland and the sturdiness, honesty, simplicity, inherent strong character and hardworking attitude of the Naga people.

Hornbill is the State Bird for Nagaland, and Hornbill festival is celebrated in its State Inception day. Thus, the inception of the Nagaland Hornbill Festival so named in collective reverence to the bird enshrined in the cultural ethos of the Nagas to espouse the spirit of unity in diversity.

The annual Hornbill Festival will be held for ten days, 1st – 10th December. It draws all the tribes and sub-tribes of Nagaland to the foothills below the lofty spurs of towering Mount Japfü wherin lies Naga Heritage Village, Kisama – the venue of hte Festival. It plays host to a weeklong medly of cultural performances, indigenous games, craft bazaar, music events, fashion, cycling, motor sporting, events, a kids carnival, floral galleria, food courts, film festival and a series of competitions in various activities. Last Year it was Inaugurated by President of the Republic of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind.

In the last episode of Hornbill Festival 2017, attracted a record holding 2,43,214 visitors including 2,401 foreign tourists, 38,700 domestic and 2,02,113 locals according to the Tourist Officer of Nagaland Tourism. Festival of Festival for a reason!

 The picturesque Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, yesterday amid mega bonfires and the tunes of Naga war cry and beats of traditional log drums reverberating in the background makes the Hornbill Festival a must visit before you die destination.

Come enjoy the colourful environments in here consisting of Music, Heritage, Landscape in the Naga Heritage Village surrounding by the small huts and camps. Come one Come Along!


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