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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035

NH7 Weekender Shillong

Also Known As The Happiest Music Festival!

About NH7 Weekender

NH7 Weekender is an annual, multi-city music festival in India. Conceptualised, produced and organized by Only Much Louder (OML Entertainment), the event is one of the largest music festivals in India, with an annual attendance across the editions of over 100,000. The festival, held between October and December,  The festival is noted for its divergent artistic lineup and hosts a large number of established and emerging local artists alongside major international acts. This is the one of the greatest gathering of youth in India. Come to Enjoy this marvelous gathering of musicians in the valleys of Meghalaya hills. This is India’s Tomorrowland!

 In the setting up your tent will become a fascinating experience. With the Festivals around the corner where hundreds of celebrities performing and the beautiful campsites people all around the corner of India. A Must Visit Destinations for Young Adults. This is India’s Tomorrowland! Beware though, as the legends of Trauco and Pincoya will send chills down your spine when it’s time to tell stories around the campfire.

Notable artists that have performed at the festivals include Steven Wilson, Steve Vai, José GonzálezMark RonsonMogwaiFlying LotusThe WailersA. R. RahmanImogen HeapThe VaccinesMegadethRodrigo y GabrielaSBTRKTChase & StatusBombay Bicycle ClubAsian Dub FoundationBasement JaxxThe Magic NumbersFear FactorySeun KutiBengaMUTEMATHSimian Mobile DiscoDry the RiverFinkJon HopkinsKarnivool and many others.

NH 7 Weekender Shillong 2017

The eighth edition of the festival began with the festival’s return to the state of Meghalaya between Oct 27 and 28. The edition saw over 25000 attendees.2017 saw several artists across genres, including American guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, Dutch metal band Textures, American metalcore act The Dillinger Escape Plan, American dream pop band CAS, punk legend Marky Ramone, Bollywood composers Ram Sampath and Vishal Bhardwaj, Indian electro-rock icons Pentagram and British rapper Madame Gandhi

Come and Experience the mesmerize nights where Celebrity artists are singing songs in front of a bonfire near your camps surrounding the clouded hills and open sky. who knows you are lucky enough enjoy legend like A R Rehman near your seat in front of the bonfire with a beer in your hand!

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