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A very popular dish of the khasi community (one of the three tribes of Meghalaya) is JADOH. Basically its red rice cooked with ample amount of pork or any other choice of meat. By just looking only it feels appetizing for the cuisine’s rich and unique colour. While preparing this delicious cuisine, one requires chillies, sliced onions, ginger-garlic paste, grinded turmeric and black pepper, and bay leaves. After frying them, the pork is added and fried until satisfactory for the chef. And later the rice is added paving way for the dish to be completed.



Doh-Khlieh is a delicious and savoury traditional salad prepared from minced boiled pork, onion slices and green chillies. Basically this it is a side dish that is consumed with rice which is the staple food of the state of Meghalaya. The salad is very healthy and can be eaten as snacks with traditional beer prepared at home. Though this salad is meant to be spicy, the hotness quotient of the cuisine can be adjusted as per one wishes to.



Nakham Bitchi is a popular soup amongst the tribals which is consumed before meals as an appetizer. Nakham is a special kind of dry fish, which is either sun-dried or fire-dried. And this dry fish can be stored for years and is suitable to be consumed from time to time. The dry fish is at first fried and then boiled until the water becomes broth which is thick and rich in vitamins. Chillies are a must in their dishes and in this cuisine too, a lot of chillies and black pepper are added for taste quotient, suitable for the Meghalayan weather.



If you are visiting Meghalaya, make it a point to not miss this dish out. Doh-Neiiong is one of the most delicious and yummiest dishes of Meghalaya which is also very rich in vitamins and proteins. The boiled pork is not just added simply, but at first it is fried. This fried pork is then served with a thick gravy which is flavoured by exquisite local spices, onions, and black sesame. The black sesame does all the trick in this dish, lending it a unique and sultry flavour.



Pudoh is dish made from powdered rice which is boiled with sliced pork. Boiling the pork with the powdered rice makes the taste of the pork to get infused in the whole dish, making it drooling over. To compliment this dish, a spicy sauce is prepared which accentuates the flavour of this cuisine. This meal can be seen being served at special occasions and festivals.



Powdered rice dishes are quite popular amongst the tribal communities of Meghalaya. Pukhlein is another dish which is prepared from powdered rice. The powdered rice is mixed with water and jaggery to form a thick paste. Then the batter is poured spoon by spoon in the hot oil and then fried. The end colour is golden brown and crispy and sweet in nature. It is served with snacks, tea, and a variety of other edible items.



Sakin Gata, another cuisine which is prepared from sticky rice is soaked in water for one night. Then the rice is converted to powdered form and then made into batter with a hint of sweetness. Then the mixture and fried sesame seeds are arranged in banana leaves and wrapped. The wrapping is placed in a special pot for cooking these and steamed. They don’t require much time to be prepared, so they can be served hot even when guests arrive unannounced.



Northeasten parts of india are known for their fermented traditional rice beer. Though named differently, they are to some extent quite similar in their preparation process. Kyat, is a party drink of the tribals of Meghalaya. They even add some local ingredients in this drink to make it taste unique and addictive. It is available in various local food outlets in Meghalaya and always there to serve us in households

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