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Digboi: The Abode of Greenery and Oil

Digboi: The Abode of Greenery and Oil is situated in the north eastern part of Assam in the district of Tinsukia is a hilly little town, Digboi. Digboi is mostly known to many because it bears the title of being the first town in the continent of Asia where crude oil was discovered. The first oil well in Asia was drilled here in Digboi, and also the first oil refinery started here as early as 1901.

Digboi is home to a number of bungalows which have stood strong since the colonial days of British Rule. Also, the lush green atmosphere of Digboi will never disappoint any visitor.

Digboi is located at 27.38 degrees north 95.63 degrees east. It is situated 510 km north east of Guwahati. The climate of Digboi is somewhat moist due to heavy foliage, both summers and winters are accompanied by rains; light or heavy showers. Try not missing the sight of sunrise of a clear day.

A single day tour is sufficient to cover whole of Digboi. When in Digboi, keep in mind to visit all the below mentioned spots.

  • The Oil Centenary Museum: this museum is sure to give you a colonial hangover which will be quite pleasing to anyone visiting it. Every detail about the history of the refinery and the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (I. O. C. L.) has been perfectly depicted and exhibited here.

  • The Centenary Park: the centenary park is filled with greenery; plants and flowers of various kinds, and a balanced ecosystem. For the perfect show, the night view is highly preferred. The park faces the Refinery, and the lightened up refinery is worth the watch!

  • Digboi War Cemetery: the war cemetery is home to the remnants of the war heroes of the Second World War. It has around 200 burials. As you enter the premises of the cemetery, you feel a sense of respect. The homage paid to resting souls is a kind of worship. Goosebumps are assured.

  • The 18-hole golf course: the Digboi Golf Course is a treasure surrounded by the Dehing forest. The golf course has been a host to the best of tournaments in the north east and is one of the very few golf courses with 18 holes in Assam. As far as the eye can see, you will definitely be mesmerized by the lush green surroundings. Be it a sunny day, it’s exactly the cherry on top of the cake.

Digboi is also near to the Burmese border.

It is said that the name ‘Digboi’ originated from the phrase “dig boy dig”, when the British commanded the Indian laborers to dig deeper into the soil in search of crude oil. Digboi is also known for its contribution to tea production. Tea cultivation occupies hundreds of acres of land and lakhs of people are employed there. The early morning aroma as you cross the tea gardens or if you stay nearby a tea factory, is blissful.

Oil town Digboi has a lot to offer contrary to its small size. The colonial hangover as you visit this place will be so prominent that you would never want to lose it to oblivion.

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