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Eco-Tourism in the World Largest River Island – MAJULI


Located in the middle of mighty river Brahmaputra, Majuli is the largest inhabited river Island in the world. Being the World Largest River Island, Majuli is the place for knowledge and knowledgeable. The River Island, which is the top seat of Neo-Vaishnavite movement started by 15th Century scholar and reformer Srimanta Sankardeva, is also the first Island district of India.

Apart from the Vaishnavite monasteries Majuli carrying a special place in Eco-Tourism. The fresh breeze of Majuli a can hypnotize anyone’s mind. There are two eco-camps inside the picturesque Island. If someone asks that where can he/she can find a place where the presence of serenity is found in its purest form, The Majuli will be the correct answer.

The chilled atmosphere around the island, the breeze from the Brahmaputra and the ethnic heritage of Majuli make the travelers not forgetable.

The cultural landscape of the Island becomes more vibrant during the annual Raas Leela festival, which is celebrated during the month of November in most of the Satras and during the ‘Ali aye ligang’ festival—the main festival of the Mishing community, which is celebrated during the month of February.

Things to do In Majuli

  • .Lost in the Serenity of the Xatras.Xatras are the Vaishnavite monasteries founded by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva in the late 15thCentury BC. There are 67 Satras according to the Govt data. However, most of them had to shift to other places due to the recurrent erosion problem every year and only 22 Satras exists in the Island now. You can just sit there and enjoy listing some folk songs which are dates back to 600 years! or you can witness the Royal Materials of Ahom kingdom or witness the poles the Tulsi tree which is giant in their size.

  • Witness the Century old traditions of Mukha Silpa a.k.a Mask Making Culture. This form of Art is carried by the artist from their ancestors from centuries. Mask is played a vital role in Majuli’s heritage. Mask is used in Bhaona-a ancient Assamese play of mythological stories and other art forms. The main artist told us that recently British museum of London published a book named Krishna in the Garden of Assam and depicts the famous Mukha silpa with the interview of the Artist

  • Taste some local beer with smoked pork. Sound Delicious? Visit the homes of Missing tribes and taste the local Wines and Beer which are found exclusively in here with the smoked pork

  • Curated Storytelling tour with the experts from the Majuli

  • Cycling throughout Majuli. Cycle rentals are easily available there and you can witness various foreign national cycling through this valley of serenity.

  • Stays in the Eco camps and live with nature: Fishing, Angling. Cyclying , Bonfire at night with Smoked Pork.Sound Amazing right?



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