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Home stay in India’s Only Green Village-Khonoma

The picturesque Khonoma Green Village, home to the Angami tribe, is located around 20 kilometres from Kohima,.The state capital for Nagaland. The Khonoma is declared as the “India’s Only Green Village”. The houses in Khonoma are made using natural means, baskets are woven and handloom work is carried on along with agriculture. The village homes cascade down hilltops to the valleys below. Khonoma is a -700 years of settlement by the Angami Tribe!

To get an intimate taste of village life a night’s stay at one of the rustic home-stays here is recommended. The homes are made of Muds and Bamboos! There are several homestays are available there where you can live with Angami tribe and can learn their rich culture and heritage, experience birding, tasting the ethnic cuisine and listening to exciting tales from the village storytellers.

Unlike the popular ‘jhum’ cultivation Slash & Burn, they planted Nepalese Alder along with their crops as their version of the Jhum!this method of cultivation solves the problem of soil erosion & instead enriches the environment with nitrogen. The Community is now striving for sustainability & conservation with the youth support. Hunting and tree cutting is totally banned here! They are completely self-sustain tribes believes in nature conservation.

The inhabitants also place a lot of emphasis on wildlife conservation and have established The Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary. They made their hilltop so perfectly terrace fields by their only occupation-the Jhum cultivation. Khonoma is undoubtedly an inspiring place that takes you one step closer to nature and encourages initiatives to conserve and protect the natural environment. The sanctuary is privately owned and managed by the villagers who adhere to the strict ban on hunting and logging. This is quite as revolutionary as the Naga society has always had a reputation for embracing hunting. Its unique, self-sustaining village in Nagaland is a testament to the willpower of the tribal groups of Nagaland to protect and conserve their natural habitat.

Come, Visit India’s only green village-Khonoma, Stay with the Angami tribe, learn how they are making a sustainable living. An example for others. Live with them in their homestays.

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