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Landscape Photography

Are you an aspirant professional or travel photographer looking for beautiful landscape images to fulfill your Instagram feed? then North East India will be the perfect destination for you. Countless incredible landscapes await you in North East India, ranging from the World’s 3rd highest peak, Mt. Kanchenjunga to the awe-inspiring glaciers of Tawang and Gurdongmar. Witness India’s first sunrise at Dong near the McMahon line and glorious sunsets on the coastline of mighty Brahmaputra.

The amazing landscapes of Khasi & Jaintia Hills simply beg to be photographed; the Lailtlum canyons, the Tsongmo Lake, and the stunning national parks will make an indelible impression. If you come in springtime, the extraordinary phenomenon of the flowering desert in Yumtung valley is a photographer’s dream and Not to forget the Dzokou Valley in the Summer.

Inside Krem Liat Prah, the longest caves in India stands for you to capture them from the adventure enthusiasts’ best angle; a sight to be seen nowhere else on earth but on Sela Pass Glaciers which separate India And China along the McMahan Line. Lost yourself in beautiful landscapes your camera badly needed.

Lost Yourself in the architecture photography. From the Unkoti Hills in Tripura, know the mystery about which dates back to the Vedic era to the Ahom architecture marvels like Talatal Ghar or the Charaidow Maidam (India’s Answer to the Giza’s Pyramid), From the ruins of Kamrupa Kingdom dates back to 7-8 century to the Royal Palaces of Tripura, Ujjayanta palace. Truly amazing!

From man-made monuments to natural wonders … From world Highest peak monastery to Asia’s oldest Amphitheater Rongghor, World Largest River Island to Smallest Inhabitant Island, Sneak peak into the Nagaland’s Head Hunter Villages to the Biggest Man made Tank in Shivsagar or capture the awesomeness ness in the Madhuri lake,Named After the Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, where the famous Koyla Movie was shoot. Give in to the thrall of these breathtaking landscapes. Breathe in its incredibly pure air and the scent of abundant native vegetation as you walk. Gaze in awe at the massive Laitlum canyons or in the natural self-made world’s only Living Root bridges and enjoy a local wine or beer in front of a bonfire in a campsite. Immortalize with your lens each one of these intense, magical North-Eastern moments!

Capture the beautiful lakes and some of the world most amazing waterfalls or the hill Stations which snatch your breath away. Come, Visit the amazing photography land of North East India for beautiful landscape photos.

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