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The hills come with their own unique attractions. One such attraction is the waterfall. As the rivers joyfully glide down the hills & flow through the winding twists & turns of the valley, many a times they fall to go to the next leg of their journey. Rivers in the hills of the northeast can be very energetic, flowing as they do from the land of the Gods. And so, when they fall, they give rise to the some of the biggest waterfalls one can see in this part of the world!
Waterfalls are akin to the best possible ‘natural’ showers that you can have, if you’re game for it. At the foot of any waterfall, a plunge pool or a waterfall lake is formed, which can also be an ideal ‘natural’ pool for you to have a little swim. Even if you wouldn’t prefer indulging in any of the above, simply being near a waterfall conveys a sense of peace & tranquillity that simply cannot be done justice by words alone!
Manipur has several waterfalls to offer:


Sadu Chiru – The Three Step Waterfall
Arguably the most prominent waterfall on this list, the ‘Sadu Chiru’ falls is also known as the ‘Leimaram’ falls due to its proximity to Leimaram in the Bishnupur district. However, it is more appropriately named as ‘Sadu Chiru’ due to it resting at the foothills of the ‘Sadu Chiru’ hills. Although it has 2 more cousins, the one nearest to the foothills is officially accessible to the public.
Located about 23 kms from Imphal, this waterfall is a very popular tourist spot, being just a 30 mins drive from the town.  The journey to the falls can be covered almost certainly by car but for those who love to be on their feet, a part of it can also be a nice little trek.
‘Sadu Chiru’ is surely the waterfall to visit when in town!


Telly/Khayang Waterfall
Popularly known as the ‘Telly’ waterfall but called as ‘Khayang’ by the local Khayang people, this waterfall, though less widely known, is the biggest waterfall in Manipur!! Located near the Myanmar border, it stands proudly at 754 feet tall.
For those who love trekking, it surely is a treat for the journey involves a 5-6-day trek & may sometimes involve crossing the jungle. However, due to lack of government attention, it is not known by many in Manipur, rest alone the outside world. Let’s hope that changes soon!!
A must-visit waterfall for the adventure junkies!!


Barak Waterfall
The mighty Barak river, which rises in the hills of Manipur, is the biggest & the most important of the hill rivers in the place where it is born. It flows further to South Assam, to become one of the major rivers there.
Although the Barak river has 7 waterfalls, the most prominent one is the Khoudong waterfalls. Located in the Tamenglong district along the Barak, it is one of the most unexplored tourist spots in the country. As a result, it holds the promise of offering a pristine glimpse of a much simpler world & life.
This waterfall, though not tall, is spread over a very broad surface, with the bluish-green water gushing from a low height. Dense forests envelop the river on the sides as it momentarily takes a respite at this fall.A day’s trip is recommended to enjoy a picnic or even some rafting!
The best time to visit: the months from October to March.


Ireng Waterfall
Discovered only about 5 years back in 2013, this waterfall is the second biggest in Manipur! Standing 60 m tall, it falls in 3 successive levels & lies in the Ireng village in the Senapati district, about 1.5 kms from Singda bazaar.
To reach this waterfall, one must walk through a steep road that passes through the village. As the tourism department shines its spotlight more brightly on it, one can expect better accessibility of this hidden gem!!


Ngaloi Waterfall
Tucked away in the Ngaloi village amidst abundant greenery, this waterfall is a must-visit tourist attraction in Churachandpur. Easily connected by taxis & buses, the village is 9 kms away from Churachandpur district & is also plied by numerous vehicles due to the fall’s popularity.
The round trip to the waterfalls takes less than a day, though spending more time at the falls is sure to rejuvenate you, owing to the serene location & the gushing sound of water as the falls cascade down the rocks!
Khoupum Waterfall
A relatively lesser known waterfall in the Khoupum valley, this waterfall stands 60-70 feet tall. Do not let that height underestimate it, for it is sufficiently loud!
Offering a beautiful picnic spot, it’s beauty is further enhanced by the rocks & the green cover. The last 100 m stretch of the road is not in good condition, so it would be better to enjoy a short trek to finally see the falls!

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