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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035

An exclusive tour of villages -Meghalaya

A village situated between the Pynursla and Sohra ridge. This village is known for the rich production of honey and brooms and the uniqueness of this little village lies in the names of individuals being called in tunes given to them since childhood. The guest houses in this village are traditional huts where the visitors can experience the traditional food and traditional way of living. The village also offers you an adventurous trek to both side of the ridges and also a trek to a hill will give you an amazing panoramic of the village and the two ridges.
A recently discovered place with many Living Root Bridges and a beautiful trek through the thick forest of Mawkyrnot. And recently awarded the Biodiversity Award 2016. A walk through these root bridges will give you an amazing experience of a lifetime.
A 2 ½ hours scenic drive from Shillong takes you to Mawlongbna village, one of the rising tourist destination in Meghalaya. This village attracts tourists and travellers starting from schools/college students, families, international tourists, researchers, photographers, adventurers, cavers and many more visitors. The village offers activities like Trekking, swimming, nature walks, streams, waterfalls, caves, fossil park, angling, natural swimming pools, kayaking at Umkhakoi dam, canyoneering/canyoning, camping, village tours, Mih Um spring, Spilt rock, Bangladesh border view and many more. Currently the village has two guest houses at Mawlongbna Traveler’s Nest and camp sites are also available.
Mawlynnong also known and tagged as ‘the Cleanest village in Asia’, a three hours drive from Shillong offers you the mystical Living root bridge, the beautiful cascades and smooth rivers and streams flowing and a balancing boulder. Known for its hospitality and cleanliness this village also offers you a view of the plains of Bangladesh.
About 72kms from Shillong, a two and a half hour scenic drive will take you to Mawphanlur village, located in the West Khasi Hills District. It is a small village with a climb up hill and also surrounded by hills, comprised of only 26 houses at present and 8 fish ponds nearby, rock gardens with large boulders around the Guest House. A place where one can admire the scenic beauty with a peace of mind and tranquillity. This place also offers you out door on activities like Trekking, Hiking, Kayaking, Angling, Camping and an hour trek to the legendary hill Mawthadraishan from the Guest House where you will come across valleys, hills, fish ponds and amazing panoramic scenery


Nongriat is a tiny village surrounded by cascades and waterfalls falling from over the hills and canyons. Its is a 3km walk form Tyrna village and a climb of approximately 300 steps to and fro. You will come across suspended cable bridges, living root bridges and the famous Double Decker Living Root bridge. This village also offers you clear water natural’s swimming pool and a beautiful walk to the mesmerizing ‘Weiphngam falls (Rainbow Falls).
It is about 70 kms from Guwahati and along the highway to the left after Nongpoh situates Umden village with hard working villagers working at beautiful large paddy fields. Umden is one of the biggest producers Handloom in Meghalaya. They farm silk worms and used the silk to weave beautiful cultural shawls and many more handicrafts. A bon fire at night with traditional musicians to entertain you and the delicious traditional food will melt your taste buds. A stay at the calm and peaceful guest houses will give you a soul satisfaction.

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