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Cave Tourism

Caves of Mizoram offer sheer adventure for the tourists seeking adventure offering thrill, pleasure and excitement, the caves are an important tourist attractions of North East India. On your adventure tour to Mizoram, you should include the caves in your itinerary. Some of the fantastic caves of Mizoram are:


Pukzing Cave
Pukzing cave is the largest cave in Mizoram. It stretches for 25 m and was scooped out from the hills. According to the legend the cave was carved out using only a hair pin.The credit for construction goes to a sturdy man named Mualzavata. The meaning of the name is ‘a person who could clear hundred ranges of forest in just one day’.The cave is located at Pukzing village near Marpara in Aizwal district.


Milu Puk Cave
Milu Puk Cave is a huge cave located near the village Mamte in Lunglei district. The term Milu Puk means ‘cave of skulls’. A heap of human skeletons were found in the cave. The size of the skeletons indicate that they belong to the people who were taller than the Mizos. They might be the dwellers of the place where the Mizos live today. It is said that these people were from Tlau tribe.


Lamsial Puk CaveLamsial Puk Cave still reminds the people of the terrible fight between the two neighbouring villages. This fight took the lives of many warriors. It is located near the village Farkawn in the Aizawl district of Mizoram. The dead bodies of the warriors were kept in the cave. Some of the skeletons can still be seen in the cave.


Kungawrhi Puk Perched on a hill, Kungawrhi Puk Cave is located at a place between Farkawn and Vaphai villages in the Aizawl district. There is a legend associated with the cave. There was a beautiful girl named Kungawrhi who got married to a strong young man named Pnathira. On her way to her husband’s place she was abducted by spirits and was taken to the cave. Later her brave husband rescued her from there.


Book a tour to Caves of Mizoram Aizawl is famous for its abundant natural beauty, endless landscapes with plunging hills and deep ravines, abounding flora and fauna, foliage of quaint pine trees and picturesque villages where the houses are built on stilts. Mountain trekking in Aizawl is an enriching experience as the mountain trek here offers a view of thick bamboo forests and a plethora of exquisite flora and fauna. The rivers on the mountain trek run like narrow ribbons and infuse a sense of excitement and adventure in the minds of the tourists. The hills that course in the north-south direction are replete with green vegetation throughout the year. While on the trek, one can view various wild animals like Swamp Deer, Tigers, Elephants, Leopards and Gibbons among many others.

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