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Eco Parks & Heritage

Ecological Park – Lawngtlai:
This region is in a better state as far as natural biodiversity is concerned. The population and urbanisation pressures are alsless. A large (Over 100 Hectares) Ecological / Nature Park shouldbe designed and developed at a suitable location close to the District HQ. The basic theme will be to represent Mizoram’s indigenousand fauna along with innovative features for tourists. The park will also have educational component built into it in a form of Conservation Centre. This can develop into an attractive tourist spot for local and domestic tourists.
Botanical Park / Orchid Sanctuary – Lunglei:
Lunglie is the second biggest city in Mizoram and is a District HQ. A large (Over 100 Hectares) Botanical Park and Orchid Sanctuary could be developed on the outskirts of this city. The Park should represent the indigenous flora of Mizoram and separate innovative sections including an Orchid Sanctuary. Mizoram and the Northeast Region are famous for variety of wonderful orchids.
Zoological Park – Aizawl: 
Heritage Tourism:
Mizoram does not have many and important Heritage Sites like many other states in the country. Therefore it is important to highlight a few sites of historical and heritage importance. We have
identified a few such sites as under:
Historical Caves:
The Tribal Research Institute has enlisted 15 Caves of historical importance in Mizoram. Not many people are aware of these sites and their status. One of the caves near Vantawng that we visited could not create positive response in spite of the interesting location. This sector will require a lot of technical and development inputs. Mizoram Tourism should take initiative in collaboration with the Tribal Research Institute, Archaeological Survey of India, Education Department etc. to develop these as tourist spots.
Historical site at Rengdil (Mamit district):
Rengdil village has a historical site, which is under archaeological investigations. A few interesting ruins have been unearthed here. This place was inhabited by Maharaja of Tripua and he constructed a lake
here. The name Rengdil has an appropriate meaning. ‘Reng’ means Chief and ‘dil’ means Lake. The place could be of interest from historical point of view particularly since it involves some cultural association with the neighbouring state of Tripura. Mizoram Tourism should take initiative, carry out basic development and popularise this spot.
Lunglei: 1st church in Mizoram:
Lunglei is the second biggest city of Mizoram which is also a District HQ. This region had a locational advantage being on the higher hill range. This was used by the Britishers for strategic control over the
region and the first establishment came here in the year 1880. The first Church of Mizoram was established here sometime around 1884, which is still in existence and under use. This place has an important historical and heritage value and should be popularised as a tourist

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