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Mizoram has a very wide range of flora and fauna. The Himalayan Maple and bamboo are one of the most important trees in Mizoram. It is also the home of various rare species of orchids. Mizoram is home to a large family of birds and animals. Moths and butterflies of various species are found in the hills of Mizoram. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Mizoram are an immense source of rejuvenation for trekkers and tourists. Take a route to these sanctuaries and explore the captivating sceneries and voices of the wild.


Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary
The Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 130 kilometers from the capital city of Aizwal. The sanctuary is reputed for the variegated growth of orchids that the tourists may gather as souvenirs. The region is sparsely populated with people living a simple lifestyle. The hospitality and spirit of the people of the sanctuary coupled with the natural beauty lures the tourists to visit the region. The vast tracts of land in the region are covered with thick green forests. The wooded region has been declared a sanctuary and the rare variety of trees that grow in the region are well protected by the government. The Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram is a quiet and ideal retreat for the nature loving tourists.


Ngengpui Sanctuary
The Ngengpui Sanctuary is situated in the border region of the state of Mizoram. The sanctuary is rich in floral growth and is also home to a large number and variety of mammals, birds and arboreal animals. The sanctuary preserves the rare species of plants and animals that make the sanctuary their home. The sanctuary is wooded by bamboo trees that grow in abundance in the forest region. The sanctuary is bordered on all sides by seven villages. Ngengpui Sanctuary is one of the most important wildlife conservation parks of  Mizoram and is visited by many tourists across the country.
Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary: Blessed with beguiling surroundings, Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular attraction in Aizwal. It is elevated at a higher altitude that makes it stand among the Indian wildlife sanctuaries with their location in the higher altitude. The lush green surroundings of this sanctuary provide shelter to a variety of flora and fauna. Such a variety makes this place a must-visit site in Aizwal. It Is Known For its high elevation and is famous for its enchanting surroundings. It is beckoned by the foothills of the Indian Himalayas


Murlen National Park : Situated about 245 kms. east of Aizawl, this Park lies close to the Indo-Myanmar border. It accommodates Tigers, Chamber Deer, Himalayan Bear, Barking Deer, Serow and many varieties of birds and orchids. It is significant because of its proximity to the Chin Hills. It covers an area of approximately 200 sq. km. Large tracts of relatively undisturbed Sub-Tropical evergreen forests are found in this park.


Phawngpui National Park: The Phawngpui National Park is located in the district of Chhimtuipui, near the Myanmar border in Mizoram which abounds its natural beauty. The Park also encloses the Phawngpui Peak, and is enriched with natural vegetation cover that comprises of various beautiful orchids and rhododendrons. One can see here trees and flowers of various colors & species, which are hard to find somewhere else. The Park offers various types of activities, trekking being the most common. The park remains open for trekkers throughout the year. It is to be noted that there are similar wildlife destinations in the state namely Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary and Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary which are famous attraction spots for tourists.


When you are a traveller, you don’t believe in being at places that are overtly crowded and commercially hit. A traveller seeks solace in silence, he looks out for destinations that are virgin, a place that is surrounded with beauty. Snug in the lap of emerald green forests that club up with bamboo groves, vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and sparkling waterfalls, Mizoram is a unique mix of old folklores and tribal villages, a land steeped in myths and mysteries with captivating valleys, enchanting streams, built on stilts, where an enormous amount of morning mist unfolds throughout the hills and peaks offer a lot of enjoyment to the discerning tourists.

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