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Nagaland attracts numerous visitors from around the world. However, many remote parts have been explored only in recent times. The beauty of the place can be seen in the mesmerizing waterfalls that add to the serene ambience of the place.

Triple Falls

While in Nagaland, a visit to the Triple Falls is a must. As evident from the name, it is a three-tier waterfall, located in Seithekima Village. These three magnificent streams gushes from a height of 280ft and form a natural pool. The glistening streams not only add sparkle to the landscape, but also serves as an exquisite setting for the adventurous souls. It is a perfect destination for the trekkers who can trek up the waterfalls  during winter.

Triple Falls are turning into one of the major tourist attraction, for it has many places nearby to visit. One can plan an excursion tour to those places which include Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Kachari Ruins and more.

The best time to visit the spot is October- June, when the temperature is moderate and one can enjoy the pleasant weather.

Wawade Waterfall

One of the most attractive tourist spots in eastern Nagaland is the Wawade Fall. The glittering water triples down from a height of almost 200ft, located between the villages of Mimi and Khonga. The greenery that surrounds the waterfall makes the view even more spectacular. An arresting view of the waterfall is offered by the  Laluri Village in Phek. The journey from Phek to Wawade requires trekking, hence is enjoyable for the adventure seeking travellers.

Phek Waterfall

Phek Waterfall is the perfect spot for the admirers of nature. The waterfall flows through the lush green forest and woods. It offers an eye-kissing view to the visitors and is an ideal spot to spend time amidst the serenity of nature. The best time to visit Phek Waterfall is during autumn and winter, i.e.  between October and April.

Sanctuary Fall

Sanctuary Fall is an unexplored spot at Khonoma. The waterfall freezes in the winter and makes the view very pleasant. A walk through the forests through a beautiful valley is sure to make the traveller feel fresh and lively.

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