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Natural Escapes

70% of the World’s Orchids is found in North-East India

North-East India is World’s Seven Richest Bio-diversity Area by Myers 2000

North-East’s territory combines over 262,230 km2 of wind-blown mountains and water valleys graced by the immensely rich flora & fauna, the majestic peaks of the Himalayan range with hundreds of waterfalls and lakes strung by its length and the hushed mystique of the evergreen forests.

For once, take a leap and visit Northeast India to experience nature in its full bloom.

Experience the beauty of the Brahmaputra Valley wrapped in semi-evergreen forests and the ice fields of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Passing through the fertile sun-soaked central valleys are the famed World Biosphere reserves and myriad natural parks and reserves throughout the region.

Get away from your busy schedule and truly unwind yourself in a remote trekking place adorned with picturesque landscapes and revitalize your senses in rich semi terrain landscapes filled with beautiful orchids which are only found here.

Contemplate by the immense Brahmaputra river, take a dip in the cool waters of the serene waterfalls and absorb the invigorating energy of various adventure activities like fishing, camping etc. Take a breath of fresh air under clear blue skies and delight your sense in the lap of nature.

If you are an animal lover, Northeast India is definitely your paradise. You’ll see numerous well-known species in abundance and discover various other species as well that are simply unique to the region. From the gigantic one-horned rhinoceros to the magnificent elephants, Northeast’s national parks and Biosphere reserves are a veritable heaven of flora & fauna. Multiple species of extinct animals like golden langur, sangai, clouded leopard, red panda and 14 vulnerable species of birds and an infinite variety of small creatures are bound to enliven your journey in Northeast India.

WWF has identified the following priority Eco-regions in North-East India:

Brahmaputra Valley Semi-Evergreen Forests

Eastern Himalayan Broad-leaved Forests

Eastern Himalayan Sub-alpine Coniferous Forests

India–Myanmar Pine Forests