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Shopping in Shillong

Shillong is the “Scotland of the East”. It is surrounded by the pristine ravishing frame with virgin pine forests, mesmerising cascades, and enchanted by the boundless serenity. The tranquil mighty mountains, virgin pine forests, their pleasant endless green expanse and the bumpiness of the meandering roads of Shillong enthralled us. This is the most popular hill station of North East India and known for its trade and traditional way of life. Apart from these beautiful landscapes, Shillong is the shopping hub and oldest trade centre of North East India. Shopping in Shillong can be a wonderful experience. There are myriad shopping hubs in Shillong like  Police Bazar, Bara Bazar, Bhutia Market and glory’s Plaza. Shopping in Shillong has got a multitude of souvenirs and various products of trade and traditional cultural material. The shopping place will be crowded and will be full of local people and ethnic handloom materials. This hill station is popular for its multidimensional culture and focusing their own tribal culture of Meghalaya in the prime shopping centres of Shillong in the whole North East India.

Bara Bazar: Bara Bazar, the wholesale market of Shillong is the largest traditional market of whole North East. This market is also known as lewduh in their local language. It is also known to be for their antique trade centre in the entire North East India. It was originally located in East Khasi Hills. The speciality of this market is shyrmil( turmeric powder), sohmirit(Khai pepper), ryndiah(mugs silk shawls). The market is closed on Sundays and get things at a very cheap price. Bara Bazar, most of the shopkeepers are local Khasi women. A variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, spices, bamboo handicrafts, beef, pork are on sale here. A number of religious local rituals and ceremonies are performed here every year in April. Ethnic food items are also there in this markets.

Police Bazar: Police Bazar is a popular shopping hub of Shillong in North East India. Many people visit there for shopping for bamboo handicrafts, ethnic multi-cuisine food and silk products and trading. This bazaar is also known as khyndailad. This modern market has a number of hotels. Police Bazar is also the transport hub of Shillong. Numerous bamboo handicrafts, Chinese products, Naga and Manipur shawls, cheap Khasi scrub, organic James and jellies made of sohoing(local fruit wine) etc. Fish and pork pickles are easily available in any good store in police bazar.

Glory’s Plaza : Glory’s Plaza is a shopping complex, situated in police bazar in North East India. In this shopping mall, we will get verious winter clothing from Thailand, electronic gadgets from China, beauty products from Japan, Tibetan Jewellery and clothes. People also visit there to buy sneakers and leather footwear.

Bhutia Market : The Bhutia Market is the most popular market area of Shillong in North East India. Most of the vendors of Bhutia Market are the Tibetan origin. They claim themselves as Tibetan refugees. This market is best known for their woolen garments. Latest fashion apparel and footwear in Bhutia Market are quite cheap. Ethnic food and bamboo handicrafts for decoration also there in this market.

The abode of heavenly dawns and dusks, the pristine beauty of the land of the rising sun. Welcome to the paradise of the celestial landscape of North East India.

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