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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035


The Enchey Monastery
Perched on a ridge above Gangtok, the Enchey Monastery is nestled within lush woods with a spectacular view of Gangtok town. Built in 1910 on the site of the hermitage of the great tantric saint, Lama Drutob Karpo, who was renowned for his powers of levitation, this monastery houses the monks of the Nyingmapa Order of Tibetan Buddhism.
Rumtek Monastery
Rumtek Monastery, the World Dharma Chakra Centre and the seat of His Holiness, the Gyalwa Karmapa, who is the head of the Kagyupa order of Tibetan Buddhism. Behind the main monastery is the lavishly decorated Karmae Nalanda Institute of Buddhist Studies which attracts students from the world over. Opposite the entrance to the Institute is a small hall featuring a beautiful jewel studded chorten, the Golden Stupa, which contains the ashes and remains of His Holiness the XVI Gyalwa Karmapa. According to legend, it is believed that after years of meditation, the first Karmapa was said to have been visited by ten thousand fairies who came to congratulate him each of whom offered him a strand of her hair as a gift. These were said to have been woven into a black hat, which was passed down and is still at the Rumtek Monastery today. It is said that unless held on to by the wearer, (who of course, cannot be anyone else but the Karmapa) or kept in a box, the hat would fly away .


Labrang Monastery
This leading monastery of the state is located in North Sikkim. The name of the monastery literally means “The Lamas Dwelling”. Gyalshe Rigzing Chempa made this monastery built to to commemorate Latsun Chembo of Kongpu who initiated and propagated Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism.


Kathog Monastery
Located about 2 kms. from Pakyong, the Kathog Monastery is the only monastery in Sikkim to follow the Kathog tradition of the Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery is the sixth oldest in Sikkim and was built at the location of the old monastery which was destroyed. The new structure retains the unique
architectural design of the original monastery.


Pemayangtse Monastery
This monastery of Nyingma sect of Buddhists is located in West Sikkim and provides a magnificent view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. The main attraction here is the Sculpted painting of ‘Sangthopalri’.


Pal Zurmang Kagyud Monastery
Pal Zurmang Kagyud Monastery at Ranka,the present Gharwang Rinpoche is the XIIth successive incarnation of Zurmang Gharwang. This monastery is situated on The Rumtek
Ranka Gangtok road at Lingdum, about 5 minutes drive from Gangtok. The complex is a fine example of Tibetan monastic architecture.


Tashiding Monastery
This monastery located in the West Sikkim was erected by Ngadak Sempa Chembo. The main attraction of the monastery is the sacred chorten (stupa) known by the name of ‘Thong-Wa-rang-Dol’ which literally means ‘Saviors by mere sight’. As per beliefs, the very sight of the stupa purges away the sins. The monastery has Buddhist Mantras, old edifices, stupas and stone plates. Celebration of ‘Bumchu’ adds to the charm of this monastery.


Bon Monastery
The Bon Monastery at Kewzing, 5 kms. from Ravangla, is the only one of its kind in Sikkim. It is a symbol of the determination of a community to preserve their religious traditions. Located 2kms from Kewzing bazar is the Mangbrue Gompa, which follows the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. The invading Bhutanese army used
this strategic location in the 19th century and the ruins of their bunkers and outposts can still be seen Rangit Water World- the dam built across the Rangit River has formed a unique water body. Situated 26 kms. downhill from Ravangla, it is an ideal place for fun with boating in rafts, fishing and swimming.

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