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Spot a ‘Yeti’ in the Garo Hills!

In the adobe of clouds, Meghalaya. Meet the Garo tribes, Garo is the only tribe where matrilineal society prevails. This makes Garos distinction from others. Where property rights lie with the female child and women are considered as dominant. Man have to shifts to the bride’s place after their marriage. Garos are the second largest tribe of Meghalaya and they are settled around the Garo hills of Meghalaya. They are the great great lovers of music and dance and cultivation of “Jhum” is one of their prime occupation. The Garo men wear a turban  and the women wear blouses with a cloth tied around their waist. Wangala is the major festival celebrated with full gaiety to mark the harvest season.

Stay some days with the Garo tribes in the sustainable eco-camps settled over their between the lush green forests. The nearby forests of Balpakram are considered as sacred by the tribe. They belived that departed souls rest before journeying into heaven in that place. This place is mentioned in the early Hindu scripts mention as holy. An overwhelming melancholic silence in the forest makes an unforgettable stay for the visitors. Besides Balpakram, Siju Wildlife Sanctuary, Baghmara Reserve Forest also creates an delight for visitors.

There are several sustainable eco-camps have been setup in places such as Siji and Gongrot where accommodations are comfortable, basic and totally in tune with the surrounding forest consisting with infinite natural resources. Nature lives here in its purest form.

Spot some of rarest butterflies of the world, in total 200 species lives there and you can take a guided hike to reach the spot to witness these little wonders. Not only butterfly but sightings like the mysterious creature ‘Yeti’ is also reported by the locals in the area. They call the creature as ‘Mande Badung’.

There are several organised treks into the forests. You can spot incredible species such as elephants, tigers, leopards, other wild cats, hoolock gibbons, olive bulbul and eye-browed wren babbler which will fulfil your wildlife dreams.

Besides Wildlife, There are some of the best cave systems in India are located here which have still not been properly explored or studied. some of the best cave systems of India are located here which have still not been properly studied. The longest having 35 Km, and deepest being 317m. the Nearby siji caves are famous for its Bat Caves.

Come Here and live with Garos few days who will help you to learn about the excellent indigenous knowledge of the forests. This Place can Give You Everything. From ancient tribe culture to nature, from the mysterious creature like ‘Yeti’, from Butterflies to hillocks gibbons, from eco camp resides between the lush dense green forests to local drinks you can chill after with some traditional music.

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