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Stay with a Tribe!

“What tribes are, is a very simple concept that goes back 50 million years. It’s about leading and connecting people and ideas. And it’s something that people have wanted forever”. –Seth Godin

Northeast India has over 220 ethnic groups and an equal number of dialects, which means 220 languages are spoken around the Northeast. The unique unity among diversity, the generous and welcoming behaviour of the local people makes the environment beautiful to stay. The hills states in the region like Arunachal PradeshMeghalayaMizoram, and Nagaland are predominantly inhabited by tribal people with a degree of diversity even within the tribal groups

In the land of red rivers and blue Hills, Assam; meet the Bodo people, renowned for their warrior spirit, are the largest indigenous ethnic group in North East India. For a truly unforgettable experience, undergo yourselves in the Bathou and Kherai Puja, Baishagu, Hapsa Hatarani, Janai and witness some of the most ancient rituals that re carried throughout for days and nights. The sound of Kham, Sifung and cymbals will mesmerize your mind. It is a must for you to not miss out their flavorful traditional homemade rice beer called ‘jou’ which made from fermented rice known as ‘mai’.There are other 31 major and minor tribes like Mishing, Miri, Deuri, Karbi, Dimasa, Rabha, Khamti, Kuki etc.

Meet the Kuki Tribes in the jewel of India, Manipur. See their beautiful textiles and colourful handicrafts made from dwarf cotton and yarns, colourful jackets of men and anih-san of women. Celebrate with them the Kut festival  – a celebration of peace, harmony, communal ties & friendship. Be sure to see who becomes ‘Miss Kut’ – a beauty pageant organised during this festival. This bright & colourful festival is held tentatively on the 1st of November. Meiteis & the Bishnupriyas are two major ethnic groups in Manipur.

In the land of downlit mountains, Arunachal Pradesh, meet the Monpa people-the only nomadic tribe in Northeast India. – they were totally dependent on animals like sheep, cow, yak, goats and horses and had no permanent settlement or attachment to a particular place. Or meet the Nishi People, the Indo-mongoloid peoples of Arunachal. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the linguistically diverse regions in Asia. There are more than 50 dialects spoken in the state. The language generally come under Tibeto Burmese family like Tani and other Tibeto Burmese are Niyashi, Apatani, Bokar, Galo, Tagin, Adi etc.