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Tea Tourism

There is Song in the Shadi Bhasa(Tea Tribe Language)that “Ukho Ukho Sirisheir Niche Chai Gaas, Mur Gairam Tulise Katcha Katcha Pat,bare bare, bare bare goiram tuke najar chale jai” translates into that I can’t put up my eyes from you oh my darling, who is plucking the fresh buds from the tea plants below the tall Sirish trees! haha No one gets over from the hangover of Tea garden’s environment. “Assam & Tea” is used as a synonym to each other!

Ever wondered how it will look like to spend some days in a sprawling tea garden. Staying in a Lavish colonial heritage bungalow which retains the antique furniture & aura of the early colonial periods surrounded by amidst lush green tea gardens set within the estate. The cuisine which is usually made of fresh organic vegetables produce from the backyard garden. Wherever you clocking your eyes you only see one thing Greenery & peace away from the day to day job and concrete jungle.

You wake up in the morning, listen to the birds singing and sip a cup of finest aromatic tea that was plucked fresh directly from the gardens near you, The famous Orthodox Assam Tea the World knows. Walking with a cup of tea in your hand and take a stroll through the lush garden under the tall ‘Sirish’, Ever imagined what it would look like? You can talk to the garden workers and see how they deftly pluck the two leaves with a bud(primary shoots arise from the dormant bud) and learn about their folklore stories. Sounds majestic right?

Take a look and learn about the tea processing in the factory where some of the best teas in the world are withered, rolled, dried, sorted and packaged. Know How the World most favourite beverage make up to your cup!

Try your Golf skils near the Golf Courses around the estate, Including the Asia’s oldest Golf Courses, which are termed as heaven for Golf Tourism enthusiasts. Experience the Exotic Vacations here! Assam’s ‘tea-tees’ – golf courses in tea estates – are in a class of their own. There are some 20 tea-tees, natural and almost all with nine to eighteen holes. Within 200 km of each other, these golf courses prepared essentially to enhance the lifestyle of the colonial era. Today, they are holding a special place for exotic holiday destinations where tee-putt is as exhilarating as the teapot. what Can be more amazing than A stay in the tea garden, playing golf and driving through tea country

Some Beautiful conversations always start with a tea. Some Beautiful memories, A romantic date, A cricket match, tea serve as the most favourite amongst all. So why not Spend some time inside lush tea garden, Living in a heritage bungalow, walking amongst the tree plants, watching some folk dances and music of Jhumur that will last in ears forever with a cup of tea in your hand. So why not spend some time with your dearest ones, friends, family, what can be more lavish and exotic holiday then be this.

‘Tea’ and Tourism’ are the two terms which compliment one another in one way or the other. They are the two roads that meet at a central point. ‘Tea’ one of the most well-known beverages among Indians is not only served as a welcoming drink but also is also considers as one of the traditional ways of greeting a guest.

With more than 800 major and 60,000 small estates spread across 300,000 hectares, Assam has the world’s largest concentration of tea plantations accounts for 55% of India’s total tea production and 80% of the country’s export.

Come, Experience some of the world best luxury vacations. It’s new and trending, Hurry up pack your bags now! Totally Exotic! 

Here Are some of the pictures of heritage bungalows situated in India. Contact Us for More Details.