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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035

Nestling at the foothills of the Himalayas, Assam is known as the land of Blue Hills and red rivers. The State has got a resource of fertile valleys, dense forests, numerous rivers, lofty hills and lovely undulating plains. The mighty river the Brahmaputra, which is also one of the four largest rivers of the world, along with its tributaries, is nourishing it from time immemorial. The long range of hills from East to the west have divided her into two major valleys called Brahmaputra and Barak or Surama valley. In between these valleys lie the Barail mountain range Rengma and Karbi hills with full of dense forest and rare species of wildlife.
The Brahmaputra Valley in Assam is approximately 80 to 100 km wide and almost 1000 km long. The width of the river itself is 16 km at many places within the valley. Most parts of the state are plains, except for Karbi Anglong, North Cachar and some parts of Guwahati which are hilly regions.


6 days

Day 1

 Welcome to the gate way of seven sisters at Guwahati.  From Guwahati airport have breakfast there in guwahati,  then drive to Kaziranga national park and stay in a colonial style hotel surrounded with beautiful nature.

Day 2

Take the elephant ride to meet the famous one horned rhinos, spotted deer and buffalos at the world famous Kaziranga national park. During evening enjoy the bonfire and typical bihu dance.

Day 3

Drive to Nimatighat and take a ferry to the world's largest river island called Mazuli. Meet the Vaishnav monks and witness their beautiful dance and drama during evening prayer and very basic.

Day 4

During morning take the ferry back to the main land and then drive to beautiful Eco camp near Nameri National park.

Day 5

Take raft on the Borreli river ( optional) at the foot hills of Himalaya to enjoy the beautiful nature. During afternoon visit Nameri National Park by foot.

Day 6

Back to Guwahati and visit Kamakhya Temple famous for shakti worship and Tantrisim then fly to your next destination.

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