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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035


Kesar Nag:
This is the state flower of Tripura and it is planted as an ornamental for its fragrant perfume like smell and its pristine white color. The flower has white petals and it bears numerous yellow stamens in the centre. The flowers are used to make incense and also as a pillow filler. Its leaves are used for medicinal purposes. The flesh of the flower have been used by the Tripura locals for generations to treat excessive perspiration, cough and indigestion.
Black Galangal:
The pleasing climate of Tripura is very much suitable for most of the orchids such as this one- The Black Galangal. More on the useful side than the prettier, it is used as an analgesic, aphrodisiac, appetizer. It is used to treat fungal infections and finds itself useful in treating a whole lot of other ailments by the local indigenous people there.
Eastern Uvaria:
The flower bears a marked red color which is distinctly visible from a distance. Found in the entire North Eastern Region, these grow perfectly at altitudes of 300-600m.
Fragrant Caper Vine:
It is a climbing shrub with its flowers being fragrant and pale yellow in color. Its fruit is eaten in China and North east India. Found everywhere along the banks of Tripura’s rivers, it’s a climber to look out for.
Popularly known as the flower which appeared in the Samsung smartphones as its wallpapers- the anthodium is a widely cultivated commercial plant in Tripura. The infamous laximbil village boasts a success story based on orchid cultivation and transforming their village henceforth.

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