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The explorations in Tripura have been a delightful experience. This is the land of low, lush green hills gently merging into the flat fertile river basins under paddy cultivation. The land is also dotted with scenic water bodies all over the countryside, even within the urban areas. Its people exude simplicity, honesty, hospitality and cordiality. The life of these passionate people revolves around the strong religious sentiments on one side and art in various forms on the other side. However the secular approach in public life and the harmonious living together of different communities is commendable. It is the land of cultural synthesis. The insurgency due to sociopolitical reasons has crippled the day-to-day life of people in Tripura. However the soft and democratic approach to resolve this complex issue appears very unique. The royal grandeur of Agartala, Udaipur and the heritage sculptures of Unakoti, Debtamura and Pilak have made strong impressions on our minds. Equally memorable are the experiences of the rains and rainbow at the scenic Dumboor Lake, deep gorges of the Gumati River and the Kamalasagar Lake from where we watched the trains whistling through the Bangladesh, just across the border. It was an experience to listen to the Ravindra music and the songs of Nazrul Islam while travelling and also to learn about the association of Ravindranath Tagore and Sachin Dev Burman with Tripura. And of course, the memories of delicious Jackfruits and Pineapples of Tripura will remain with us for a very long time. The enthusiasm of the Director, the Engineer and the other officials of the Tripura Tourism and also the local people during these field trips was commendable. The accessibility to the senior bureaucrats and the politicians was easy and interactions were cordial and full of warmth.