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Why You Must Visit Zero Festival of Music Every Year?

An escape of three days four nights from your city life: Leaving behind all the hustle and bustle of the drudgery of your typical daily life, you find a place to treat your eyes with the Northeast’s rustic beauty as well as soothe your soul with the music.

Indie Acts: Ziro prides itself on being organic, along with the music it brings in. They may not have mainstream bands, but that’s also the best part. If you’re familiar with the Indian independent music scene, you’re likely to be extremely excited about the lineup it brings to you every year. It doesn’t just bring together independent acts from across the country; it also celebrates folk artists from the NorthEast. This is music that is rarely showcased outside of these states, let alone at a music festival.

An affordable road trip: If you are in a need of a road trip every year with your friends and that too in less price, then Ziro would be a trip worth going for where you get to encounter some of the planet’s rustic beauty during your journey to the venue. You also get to do 4 nights of camping with breakfast, transfer from Guwahati Railway Station and back costs only for around 15k along with the festival passes which makes it worth it. So, what stops you from going for it now?

Something new for your taste buds: The festival has a lot of fresh things coming up for you every year where the food isn’t left behind either. You get acquainted to a lot of delicacies, you may have never heard of. Of course, some you may not drool at the sight of fried frogs or roasted rats. Even if it’s not a savor for stomach but would always be one to be in your memories.
A get away from your bottle of foreign brews: With a vast variety of local delicacies, you also have an option to sip some local beer in bamboo glasses from a variety of it. Enough with choosing the best beer from the market, try choosing the best one for you from the local ones so that the next time you visit the festival you can introduce your friends to your favourite glass of local brew to chug upon.

Enjoy the local hospitality: Visiting the festival every year would give you a chance to interact and mingle with people from a district tribe, who seem to be living in a different era altogether. People from the hills are known to be extremely warm and cordial, and you’ll get to experience this first hand at Ziro. If you get invited for a meal, don’t decline because their traditional preparation of meat is out of the world.

No crazy crowds: No rush from one stage to another. No losing friends in the crowd. No long queues at the bar. No loud chants and a lot of unwanted physical contact with other humans. If you hate being surrounded by the masses, then at Ziro you can enjoy harmonious music as you take in the view of vast paddy fields without constantly feeling pushed over the edge.
A place to find yourself: As Brad Paisley sung, “When you find yourself in some far off place, and it causes you to rethink some things”, this is such kind of place. The valley village will give you the quiet time to reflect upon life. If you ever wished of a time when no one could find you for some time and there would be no worries, this is it. The beauty of the landscape and the intriguing culture and food will give you ample opportunity to connect to yourself.

A festival to find you a friend: There are always going to be new and interesting people to meet every year. There is a constant interaction between different kinds of people within this new community in Ziro Valley, and the openness is characteristic of the festival.
The weather: A few days of breathing mountain air would do anyone good. The weather at that specific time of the year is perfect, since temperature range from 20-27 degrees Celsius from March to the end of October. It’s definitely going to be wonderful chilly, especially at night, so layers are a must. But when has camping been fun without a bit of nip in the air anyway!

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