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Wildlife & National Park

Namdhapha National Park
This is the 15th Tiger Reserve in the country spread over 1985 sq km, with 177 sq km in buffer zone and 1808 sq km in the core area. It is the only National Park in the country where hour of the Felines(Tiger, the leopard, the snow leopard and clouded leopard) are found.Another unique feature of this  park is that the park covers a wide range of altitude from 200m to 4500m.  The upper reaches remains covered with snow during the major part of the  year. The park covers the northernmost lowland evergreen rainforest in the world.
The park is located between the Dapha bum range of the Mishmi Hills and the Patkai range. It is the largest protected area in Eastern Himalaya and biodiversity hotspot . It is also the largest national park in India in terms of
area. Its large trees reaching up to the skies, give it a magical aura, something out of a fairytale. The park, along with its surrounding forests is among the last large tracts of wilderness in south Asia. The vegetation changes with increasing altitude from sub-tropical broad leaved forests to subtropical pine forests, temperate  broadleaved forests and at the higher elevations, to alpine meadows and perennial snow. The park has extensive bamboo and secondary forests in addition to the primary forests.
Mouling National Park
This wildlife national park is named after a mountain peak nearby “Mouling” which also means red poison or red blood. Mouling National Park is situated in the upper Siang district and spread across 483 square km of area has Siang river flowing on the west and Siring, Subong, Semong and Krobong river on the easter ends.
The Mouling National park is a very isolated area and there are weaker signals for communication and almost no scope of transportation either. Closest towns from this park are Along (130km) and Pasighat (180km), and all offices of the forest department are located outside the park. The weather is extremely humid in Yingkiong and in the lower elevation temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius while in the winters the upper region experiences snowfall. It consists of tiger, panthers, elephant, hog deer, python, barking deer, sambal deer, buffalo and red panda which could be spotted here. Besides animals, there are several species of birds and plants as well which could be seen here. Tourist near and around the park indulge in rafting, angling and trekking.
Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Roing
People call it the ‘real ocean of green paradise on earth’. A virgin forest left largely untouched and unexplored, this sanctuary houses a frighteningly massive number of animal, plants, birds, fish, butterflies and reptiles’ species.presence of tigers, panthers, red pandas, blue napped Pita, King Cobra, Pit Vipers and many more have been recorded.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

This royal sanctuary plays home to the royal bengal tiger and many more varieties of flora and fauna. At least 40 mammal species occur in Pakke Tiger Reserve.

Tiger, leopard, clouded Leopard, jungle cat, wild dog Jackal, Himalayan Black Bear, Binturong, Elephant, Gaur, Samber, Hog deer, Barking Deer, Wilboar, Yellow throated martin and so so many more animal species can be found here. Nearly 300 species of birds call this reserve their home too. It is aslso known as the Pakke Tiger Reserve as the sanctuary aims at preserving and protecting the Royal Bengal Tiger.

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