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Silver Springs, Guwahati-035
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Wildlife Safari

Come and discover unique native species in the forests, wetlands, rock-filled mountains and dozens of other distinctive environments which make up NorthEast’s System of Protected Wilderness Areas! Visit them on foot, on elephant back, by bike or Jeep Safaris, but remember that their care and preservation is vital to the region. Camp within earshot of waterfalls and wake up to the song of countless species of birds. Walk among hundreds-year-old trees and observe the enormous variety of wildlife, Don’t miss NorthEast’s magnificent national parks and reserves

North East is the Home for some of the endangered species & animals which are exclusively found here along with some rarest migratory birds. Let’s Explore with us to the richness of wildlife in India’s North East. Here Are some of the Endangered & Extinct Fauna of North East India.

One Horn Rhino in Kaziranga

Red Panda at Sikkim

Phayre’s leaf monkey at Tripura

Hollock Gibbon In Mizoram

Gaur in Nagaland

Clouded Leopard in Meghalaya



Tigers in Manash


Sangai in Manipur