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The state of Nagaland is rich in its flora and fauna that certainly amuses the visitors. Every wildlife sanctuary or national park one steps in Nagaland provide different variety of plant and animal species and picturesque view of nature. These are the assets of the state and serve as important tourist spots. Here is a list of the four main wildlife sanctuaries or reserved areas that one must pay a visit while in Nagaland :
Intanki  National Park, Kohima
The Intanki National Park located in the extreme south-western part of Nagaland, in the district of Kohima on the border of Assam, is considered to the largest sanctuary in the state. The region has a measure of about 202 Sq Km. It comprises of a large area under natural forest which acts as shelter to various flora and fauna. The national park is a home to a wide variety of animals such as Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Deer, Hoolock Gibbon, Wild Boar and different species of birds and reptiles. According to report, this is the only tiger area in Nagaland in the recent times. The park is also a unique place for camping, trekking and sightseeing. The best time to visit the Intanki National Park is between the months of November to February.
Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary, Dimapur
The Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the South Dimapur district of Nagaland. The region is on the border of Assam and is adjacent to the Intanki National Park. The forests here are rich in bamboo vegetation. The Sanctuary measures around 4.70 Sq. Km. at present times. However, according to sources, there is a possibility of merging the region into the Intanki National Park. The region also provides opportunity for eco-tourism including Nature Trails, Wildlife Studies, Adventure Tourism etc.
Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary, Kohima
Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary admeasuring about 9.23 Sq. Km. is located in the district of Kohima and is very close to the Kohima city. This Sanctuary shelters interesting flora and fauna. It is also the home to the endangered Blyth’s Tragopan. There are also some species of medicinal plants found in the region which are used to make medicines. The region provides a beautiful view of lush green landscape.
Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Tuensang
The Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary in Kiphire District is a perfect destination for the nature lovers. With towering hills, high ridges, narrow valleys, here the visitor can witness variation in landscapes and is a delight to the traveler’s eyes. The Sanctuary comprises of a rich variety of fauna like Tiger, Loris, Panther, Himalayan Bear, etc. and also good variety of bird species like Tragopan, Jungle Fowl, and Doves. Hornbill, the most popular bird of the state is also found abundantly in the Sanctuary. One can also find numerous species of ferns, orchids, oaks, pine and cinnamon trees. The best time to visit the place is between October to March.

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