7 Reason why you must visit Hornbill Festival of Nagaland this Year

The Festival of all Festivals: The Hornbill Festival, and the reasons why you should attend this one at once in your lifetime, especially in 2021:

•Nagaland, an introduction: Nagaland, also known as the ‘Land of Festivals’, is a part of the Seven Sisters and is home to 16 unique tribes. The Hornbill Festival, as its name suggests, is after the large forest bird, “hornbill”, which symbolizes the respect, folklores and different cultures and histories of Nagaland. There are large world events like “Tomorrow land”. But I endure, that if provided a chance, Hornbill is nevertheless a “tasting the skies” festival, which will haunt each visitor with a aura of reminiscence.

•The Art: The most important side, of a festival, as we know, is the art that lightens up the place. The “Virgin from modernisation” Nagas are so rich in Art that it would bring out the artistic tendency of every man alive. This includes, the live handicraft making to their extravagantly distinct the loud traditional attires.

•The exclusive sports and dance manifestations: A festival is known for its energy and the super talented athletes of the Nagaland, bring out the same. Their enormous histories of head hunting, martial arts, Naga wrestling, different and exclusive dance forms and archery bring out the best war techniques and fill the festival with sports and energy.

•The “headbang-in” rock concert: What is a rock concert, without distinct head bangs right? Well, dear music and concert lovers, the Nagas always endured head banging and have in fact a “headbang-in” ceremony, nobody would want to miss.

•The mouth savouring delicacies: Many queries of audiences of festivals report how Food and Drinks counts for one of the best parts. Well, seems like the Nagas are not even lagging behind in that. Including mouth savouring delicacies like fish, meat and pork in unique Naga style, where each has an unique aroma. Well, what’s a show if you do not drink like the Northerners, in Game of Thrones, right? Well, the Nagas have that sorted too. Drink “Zutho” their local rice beer, served from Mithun Horns, to make you feel nothing less than, “John Snow”, the king in the North.

•The Night Bazar: Closing perfection, isn’t it now? For all those who feel a festival is incomplete without shopping, here’s a market full of handmade accessories to quirky home ware and exclusive wears.

•The mandatory Festival Craziness: Do not ask me what to do if you want to go crazy, in the festival. Well, run for your lives, the craziest “King Chilli eating contest” and “Pork fat eating contest” is here.

Could it be any more of an PERFECT show?