Manipur Overview

Encircled by Blue Mountains and lush green valleys, Manipur has the finest wonders of North-East India. Manipur has four major river basins, ranging from Barak River Basin to the Yu River Basin. The State is rich in Biodiversity, consisting of Tropical Semi-Evergreen forests, Dry Temperate forests, Sub-Tropical forests and many more. The word Manipur literally means a 'jeweled town', a name that rightly justifies the small and picturesque land. The people here are very polite and hospitable. Rich in its culture, tradition, and ethnicity, Manipur is one of the seven northeastern states of India. The Raasleelas and the classical dance of Manipur hold a very significant position in the cultural map of India. With sites like the Loktak Lake and the Khonghampat Orchidarium, Manipur is also famous for its natural beauty.

Manipur is not only the birthplace of modern polo, it is home to a formidable women’s team. The Game Of Polo Was Born In Manipur Before The Britishers Influenced It.

Manipur has the World’s only floating National Park, Keibul Lamjao National Park. It is the home of the endangered Sangai. World’s Oldest Polo Ground is situated in Manipur. Manipur is said to be the land of Gandharvas and the state’s connection to Mahabharata is a fact of utmost fascination.

Manipur has both Tropical and sub-tropical climate. The best time to visit the state is during the initial days of the winter season.

Our Top Manipur Holidays

Manipur Battle Tourism

Original Historical War Experience

Learn about the historical significance of Manipur connected with the British dynasty amidst sheer bravery and courage among the Manipuris. The complex houses, the world’s tallest sword statue symbolizes the valor and courage of the freedom fighters of Manipur. As a remembrance to all the brave souls sacrificed for Manipur in the Anglo-Manipuri War 1891, every year on 23 April is celebrated as the Khongjom Day.

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Entire Manipur Tour

Original Exotic Experience

Experience the tranquil destinations of Manipur ranging from the beauty of local artistry to breathtakingly beautiful caves. Witness the green waves and folds of Manipur’s hills and you will find a rich array of wildlife. Visit Manipur, the State famous for the Rasleelas and the classical dance adds to the cultural map of India.

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Shirui Peak Trek

Original Unique Experience

Shirui Hills is known for a unique species of land-lily, Shirui Lily, that grows at a height of about 8500 ft above sea level. It was declared as the State Flower of Manipur in 1989. The flower is also associated with kindness, protection, prosperity and a happy life. Its intrinsic beauty and yearly bloom give optimism for the future. This endangered flower blooms during the end of May till the second week of June. The trek to Shirui Hills is considered as one of the most interesting treks in Manipur. In this tour, you will cover the majestic Shirui peak trek to witness this rarest gift of nature.

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Explore the unparalleled natural beauty of Manipur, its heritage places along with mingling with the local culture, full of exotic landscapes, imposing hills, lush green valleys, azure lakes and dense forest.

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