Destination Marketing

What is Destination Marketing

Destination marketing is a form of marketing, in which a destination is promoted to potential visitors, in order to increase the number of people that travel to that location. The destination can be fairly specific, as is the case with town or city marketing, or much broader, as is the case with region or country marketing.
Ultimately, the purpose of destination marketing is to make your location or destination seem more attractive than the main alternatives, boosting the number of people who travel there and assisting the local travel industry. It is also about increasing awareness of the destination, with a view to raising demand and improving its reputation.

Why is Destination Marketing Important?

To attract travellers to a certain destination, it is important that the plus points of that destination are highlighted. This is especially crucial when one destination is competing with another for the same tourists or visitors. The goal of most destination marketing is to promote a destination as superior to alternatives, by highlighting the things that make it unique, or the things that make it a desirable place to travel to. Successful destination marketing helps to promote the destination and Tourism Industry, including eco-villages, tourism hotspots and other tourism activities.

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