The ultimate goal of Finderbridge is to work for the development of the Northeast India Tourism and the regions in all the possible aspects. We aim to create a space where the people of this region can showcase their authentic talents and skills, and to provide them with a platform to learn and create. Keeping this vision in mind, we have taken a few (and will be coming up with many more) initiatives for this purpose. Through our initiatives, we aim to perform and promote social work, sustainable tourism, tourism education initiatives and one of its kind tourism events and programs to bring Northeast India in the global tourism map.

North East Tourism Academy

A Step Towards Tourism Recovery and Reinvention. Northeast Tourism Academy is an educational initiative of Finderbridg that aims to become the hub of tourism studies and research in Northeast India. We aspire to create a pioneer organisation that promotes excellence in Tourism education, entrepreneurial development and community engagement in Tourism.

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Featured Photographers

A digital space developed with the aim to promote all the amazing photographers who had promoted the Northeast Tourism Industry through their alluring and creative photos. This initiative is a digital tribute to all the photographers for being the biggest helping hand to promote Northeast India Tourism together. Come, Check out their amazing profiles and have a virtual tour.

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International Conference on Northeast India Tourism 2021

Tourism is the fastest growing industry, contributing to GDP growth in the modern decade. People are in search of escapes from monotony, and the Tourism of North East India, provides the same. Northeast Tourism Industry holds a major place and role in the growth of India Tourism and nation. This initiative is an attempt towards the recovery and reinventing of Northeast India Tourism. Thus, this holistic International Conference is a convention with the best possible experts, speakers, enthusiasts and travellers from the Nation and the world over to discuss about the development possibilities. Open up barriers and glorify the paradises of North East India with the firm bridge of Finderbridge.

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Northeast Photography Award 2021

Northeast Photography Award 2021 is an Initiative launched with the motive of providing a platform to the upcoming prodigious upcoming photographers, and to appreciate their work and efforts, showcase their best creative works globally and recognition of their contribution to Northeast Tourism Industry since the beginning. We also aim to acknowledge their talents and appreciate them by promoting them on an international level. This Award program celebrates local, amateurs, professionals photographic talent in the Northeast India region. Our purpose is to raise the level of Northeast India photography Industry worldwide and making an identity of Northeast in the World Photography Map.

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