Travel Ambassador

If you love traveling and exploring the magnificent beauty of the world, sharing it around the globe like you're describing your series of adventures, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to be a part of our team and to represent Finderbridge, and help us to grow as a Community. Become the travel ambassador of Northeast’s first-ever travel ambassador program brought to you by one of the leading travel and tourism organizations of northeast India, FINDERBRIDGE!

Yes! You choose, we make it happen! To explore the wonderous rainbow of colourful traditions, cultures, its attires along with the exotic cuisines and its deep-rooted honourable past. An opportunity to witness the mesmerizing hills, the enchanting valleys, and the evergreen jewel NORTHEAST. We the Finderbridge Tourism team believe that what we give is what we get. bringing the best out of your social media and traveling skills alongside our team and exploring the unexplored beauty of Northeast India that you desire to visit.

Either you’re a travel blogger/vlogger, Influencer, Photographer, Videographer, food vlogger/blogger we’d like to extend our gratitude and welcome you on board with us!


To bring impactfully and innovative changes in the travel and tourism industry by promoting sustainable and responsible traveling. To make a traveling community for exploring the unexplored beauty of Northeast India and showcase in front of the global audience.


By traveling to new and exotic destinations and informing people about it, Finderbridge Ambassador is the traveler who will be the element for a new change in tourism industry in terms of experiential travel and bring out the best of both the ambassador and the company!

  • An individual who is friendly, outgoing with an ambitious personality, and passionate about creating a lifestyle based on the joys of travel.
  • An individual who is able to dedicate time, effort, and be a part of our initiatives
  • An individual that understands and respects responsible and sustainable tourism, cultural equity, engages with the local community and explores the road less traveled.
  • We seek to build a network of passionate Creative Travellers who thrives on adventurous trips and revel on sharing their travel experiences with a wider audience.
  • Individuals with an established online presence across various social media platforms and knowledge of marketing, promotional strategy, and with an organic follower count.
  • An individual with the ability to mix with new personalities having a friendly persona, and help sustain a community of the region.
  • An individual intimately familiar with the brand in order to establish a deep connection between the other tourism brands, travelers, and the audience.
  • An individual who can help us in supporting our mission to put NE on the Global Map

  • Must have more than 10K Followers on combined social media profiles (Instagram + Facebook + Twitter etc)
  • Valid Passport.
  • Previous Travel Experience
  • Leadership and Communication skills are a must to lead the team of fellow travelers and communicate with locals.
  • Must be a travel content creator, videographer, photographer blogger or influencer.

  • Experience life-changing adventures across Northeast India and World free of cost or deeply discounted rates.
  • Meet likeminded fearless individual and harbor lifelong friendship
  • Complete your personal bucket list of travel sojourns.
  • Become a part of a community whose mission is to empower and sustain responsible tourism through great adventures
  • Travel and create exciting tours with us.
  • Promote your own content and projects via Finderbridge.
  • Add your ambassador status to your social media and professional profiles
  • Explore the unknown and unexplored places of Northeast India and World.
  • Form submission for Travel Ambassador: