Mizoram Overview

Picturesque panoramic wonder, Mizoram has a dramatic landscape and a pleasant climate. The State is a home of varied species of birds, which has the potentiality to make it a major birding destination. Mizoram is also a reserve of distinct wildlife ranging from wild water buffalo to protected tigers.

Mizoram is the people’s heart of vacation. The peaceful ambience of the state makes it a place of favorable destination of the people. Bamboo dance marks the distinct culture of the state. Visit Mizoram in the month of April and rejoice the beauty of the conventional dance of the state. Vantawng Falls is a must visit in Mizoram.

If you’ve been yearning to discover nature in all her untouched and unspoiled glory, Mizoram is the place for you. Wander down the winding trails on the hills, soak in the serenity of the stunning lakes, visit the sites that tell the stories of the Mizo tribe. The magical view of the waterfall allures the travelers with the artistic exquisiteness of the cliff. Mizoram is a destination of trekking too. The Blue Mountain National Park is a sight of awestruck beauty and offers a thrilling experience for the adventure lovers. October to February is the best time to visit the enchanting destinations of the state.

Our Top Mizoram Holidays

Anthurium Festival

Original Festive Experience

The Replica of Mizoram, visit the State during the Anthurium Festival and have a glance of Mizoram’s culture and the most beautiful Anthurium Flower. The Festival is a three day extravaganza of culture, music, dance, local cuisine and many more! Anthurium Festival showcases the past and present Mizoram with entertainments and also promotes the Mizo culture.

Visit Chapchar Kut Festival Tour

Mizoram Offbeat

Original Offbeat Experience

Visit the enchanting hilltops to beautifully carved-out caves amidst pristine waterfalls and a harmonious nature! This holiday season, if you are planning for a vacation you must certainly consider visiting Mizoram. The haven for wildlife, the riverside vacation, walking in the clouds and many more, adds to the wonders of the State

Visit Mizoram Offbeat Tour

Christmas at Aizawl

Original Sparkling Experience

Shimmery lights hanged on the streets, beautifully decorated ambience makes the perfect Christmas celebration at Aizwal! Experience the taste of Christmas followed by New Year celebrations with Mizoram’s unique style. Christmas is marked with well-decorated traffic points churches, mountain houses, cafes, streets and everything. Plan your trip to Aizwal and enjoy the Christmas in the State!

Visit Aizawl Christmas Tour
Mizoram is the home of pristine scenic landscapes of bluish hills and mountains, steep rocky cliffs, serene lakes and deep valleys of gurgling streams plunging down sheer drops to form spectacular waterfalls. If you are looking for a quiet holiday amidst the nature with peaceful setting, this is a destination worth your while.

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